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  Eviction Services

Eviction Services

Thank you for inquiring about Eviction Service. We offer an array of services to Landlords, Mobile Home Park Owners, Commercial Real Estate Managers, and REO managers. We have been in business for over 7 years and handle eviction cases for the entire State of Georgia.

When you have an unwanted tenant/renter, NoPay-NoStay Eviction Service can start with the preliminary Georgia eviction notices and take care of the entire eviction process all the way through the Unlawful Detainer procedure.

NoPay-NoStay Eviction Service understands the importance of making our clients feel comfortable and satisfied during the eviction process. Therefore, a specialist can be contacted with any questions or concerns during our business hours.

We will send a 3-day demand letter as required by Georgia law.
This demand letter will be put on company letterhead and is written and delivered in accordance with Georgia real estate law.

We will then file a dispossessory in the appropriate county.
This is usually done in person at the courthouse, but may be done online in some counties. Sometimes step 1 and 2 will get your tenant back on track and paying once again.

We will then wait the required 7 days for tenant to file an answer to the dispo.
Most tenants will file an answer. Once an answer is filed, the case then must go to court. The next step is the most critical in the process--preparation for court.

We will prepare ourselves and attend court for eviction hearing.*
The judge orders the parties to attempt an agreement. If a solution is not reached, the case goes before judge. We present our case with call and payment logs and other support documentation.

If the verdict is in favor of the plaintiff (landlord), we must apply for a "writ".
A writ of possession is typically issued within 7 days, but can vary based on the county and volume of evictions in any one month for that county.

We coordinate and meet with the county sheriff or marshals for a "set out. if applicable".
A "set out" is when we meet the sheriff with 3 to 4 people (or more as dictated by each county) at the house to move all of the personal property of evicted tenants to the curb. The scheduling of the set out date is dependent on the availability and schedule of the sheriff--typically within 14 days but can be much longer.

24 hours later, tenant must remove remaining personal belongings from curb.
Most county ordinances require removal of the personal property from the residence after 24 hours on the curbside. If this is not done by the tenant, then the landlord must ensure removal and disposal of the property in order to avoid fines.

We are offer same day service if received before 12. All files receive after 12 will be file and served the next business day.

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